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The Summit aims to improve company & employee satisfaction, knowledge, and productivity through providing evidence-based and informed practices.


Employers actively working to improve & optimize the employment experience.

Sarah Desaulniers - Founder, Director


Sarah believes in the power of kindness, competence, and transparency. She began her professional life working in environments that placed an emphasis on person-centered services & prevention education - but where were the people and systems who took care of the employees and employers themselves?

After receiving her BA in Mental Health Psychology, Sarah continued her pursuit in ensuring that both employers and employees had what they needed to succeed. She currently holds a certification in Human Resources Management and is a Certified Prevention Specialist. Fun Fact - Sarah is also a Certified Personal Trainer!

In creating and directing Summit Workplace Solutions, LLC, Sarah strives to deliver only the best evidence-based and evidence-informed practices - and she is confident in her ability to do so for businesses of any field.

Email her today at Director@SummitWorkplace.Com

Summit Workplace Solutions is a proud Recovery Friendly Workplace.

It is absolutely imperative to us that we place high value in promoting all different dimensions of wellness in workplaces, including our own. RFWs are workplaces that enact positive changes in their everyday practices and policies to help reduce stigma and provide resources for those who are impacted by addiction. The Summit will continue to promote these practices for employees as well as clients by providing training on the impact addiction has on workplaces as well as providing sample policies that shift punitive practices to more supportive ones.